Virtual Finance Director (VFD)

Sakura ensures that our Advice and Business Review services offer significant impact on how you grow your business.

‘’59% of new UK businesses fail before five years and only 3% with one employee ever grow beyond 10 employees, with the biggest reasons given for failure or stagnation being a lack of cash, poor pricing and/or the lack of a clear business model’’

The annual compliance requirements associated with operating your business (‘Conform’), are only part of the value that a commercially experienced accountant can provide to your business!


The involvement of an accountant can also have a significant impact on the ability of a business to grow and develop successfully (‘Perform’) e.g.

a) helping to implement key systems and processes

b) providing advice around issues such as ‘Pricing’ and ‘Cost control’ (key to ‘profitability’ for any business)

c) assisting with both highlighting and improving cashflow (‘Cash is King !’)

d) enabling better and more informed/effective decisions to be made by the business owners


These are also the issues that answer the questions that business owners often ask including:

  • Why am I NOT making any money ?

  • The business is profitable – but why do NOT have any money ?

  • Can I AFFORD to employ another staff member ?

  • Should I be making MORE profits ?

  • Why am I not more in control ?

  • How do I know HOW MUCH money I can take out of the business ?

  • Can I sell my business ?

  • How do I improve my cashflow ?

  • How do I know X service is actually profitable ?

For growing businesses, the costs of accessing the right level of advisory support they need can be unaffordable – at salary(ies) from £70,000 to £150,000, search and recruitment fees, in addition to the management time involved in the whole process – however, it’s exactly these small businesses that need access to this level of financial advice and support the MOST!

Sakura can offer a number of different business advisory options to businesses (and business owners) depending on their requirements and budget, such as 

  • Executive finance review meetings

  • 12 Month ‘Perform’ programme

  • ‘Virtual’ Finance Director

Contact us about our Advice and Business Review services. Looking for services in Ireland? Visit Sakura Ireland.

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