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Existing xero & Quickbooks Users – System Review

As an existing business using either Xero or Quickbooks, there may be a variety of ‘symptoms’ which indicate that a review of the accountancy software may be required to identify issues and obtain more of the expected benefits from using the software.

Damina profile
Damina profile

There may be obvious errors in the figures or lack of trust in the figures being generated

Day to Day’ Bookkeeping

There may be substantial manual admin required with a sense that it could/should be simpler.

Xero & Quickbooks features

There may be an awareness that there are features or functions in the software that you could/should be using.

Setup and security

There may be inaccurate or incomplete settings and/or a lack of additional security measures in place e.g. two factor authentication?

Errors & inaccuracies

There may be bank, credit card or other accounts missing from the software, substantial un reconciled bank transactions, errors in customer/supplier accounts with old balances or ‘in credit’ etc.

What is our Xero or Quickbooks System Review?

  • Review that the software and configuration remains ‘fit for purpose’ for your business.
  • Review of existing security settings, and the integrity of ‘key’ accounting issues such as ‘cut off’ e.g. financial year end, periods closed for VAT quarters, all users current etc.
  • Ensure that any bookkeeping issues whether errors, omissions, duplicate transactions or unreconciled activity is identified for correction.
  • Identify features already in the software that can be used to save admin time or increase efficiency.
  • Clarify some areas where additional training may be useful for you (or your bookkeeping team).
  • Identify opportunities for discussion around ‘apps’ or add on software that may substantially automate existing manual processes .

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