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What we do for our Clients

Once a business is already successfully using Xero or Quickbooks, the Next Step is to consider how to automate existing manual processes or ‘integrate’ (link) the accountancy software with other software or online platforms already being used by the business

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How does our consultancy service work for apps and online software?

  • Identifying the ‘pain points’ or opportunities for automating or simplifying existing processes.
  • Planning for, setting up and delivering ‘third party’software to provide an ‘integration’ (or link) between Xero or Quickbooks and an existing software
  • Planning for, setting up and configuring an app or third party software to replace existing manual processes.
  • Implementing the app or ‘third party, software, testing the integration, providing training to Users and supporting ‘post implementation’.

Below are examples of the Apps and Software that we have integrated or linked with Xero or Quickbooks for our clients.


(Expense software automation)


(Sales invoice simplification)

Autotask CRM

(Sales invoices and customer payments automation)


(Sales invoice simplification)


(Online + POS sales automation)


(Sales invoice automation)


(Online sales activity automation)


(Online sales activity automation)


(Online sales automation)


(Online payments)


(Online payments)

How do we start the ‘App Review’ process?

The typical next step is to complete our ‘Initial Fact find process’ involving the completion of our App and Systems Questionnaire form, enabling us to obtain an initial understanding of what the problem is that you’re looking to address.

Any app or automation project will typically involve the following steps:

Stage 1 – Initial fact finding.

Stage 2 – Detailed scoping and/or process mapping.

Stage 3 – App research & evaluation.

Stage 4 – Implementation.

Stage 5 – Post Implementation

This approach means that at the ‘Initial Fact Find’ stage there will be clarity around the ‘pain point’ or the issue currently in the business, what the benefits are of replacing the manual process or simplifying the process, and an indication of the size and complexity of the advisory work involved.

Although the approach may be similar for each project, depending on the nature and complexity of the app or ‘third party’ software, the work involved may be relatively straightforward (1/2 days from start to finish) through to weeks or months for a larger and more complex project.

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