Xero, Quickbooks & Apps

Automation is NOT the goal. Systemisation is the goal. Automation is the bonus!
(thanks to James Ashford for this simple summary)

Business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly looking to their accountant to provide advice on the most appropriate cloud accountancy software for their business,

  • It is successfully introduced – at the right time and in the right way
  • That the key features of the software are being used to streamline ‘day to day’ bookkeeping
  • There is support available to the business, whether with training of staff or ongoing ‘troubleshooting’ of occasional issues

At Sakura – we have taken the decision to focus on Xero and Quickbooks in our practice as they are consistently the top performers among users (and accountants) for simplicity of use, key features and the ability to ‘link’ or ‘integrate’ with apps and other third party software.

Our clients business(es) also have a far more diverse variety of ‘day to day’ accounting transactions that require to be processed accurately and efficiently, while having a much greater awareness of the value ‘real time’ reporting.

This is where the use of more Apps or other third party software that ‘link’ or ‘integrate’ with Quickbooks and Xero can really help to remove manual time and effort, and ‘speed up’ business information for quicker (and better) decision making!