Sakura Business Solutions - Sakura Vision & Mission Statement

Sakura Vision & Mission Statement


To change the way business owners view the value of their accountant FOREVER!

Our Experience, Commitment + Dedication = helping transform the business(es) our clients are passionate about!

Our Mission is to provide our clients with all of the benefits of an efficient finance department, which is typically only found within larger businesses, right NOW. 

This should enable us to build a successful and valuable long term relationship with our Clients across each and every stage of the growth of their business, WHILE providing them with the experience, commercial advice and dedication of accountancy professionals that they actually need to achieve THEIR business goals.


From my background of working as the Group Financial Controller or Finance Director leading large finance teams in the UK and across different jurisdictions, I have seen how key an efficient and effective finance team/department can be within a large organisation.

Key characteristics

  • All annual compliance requirements (things that businesses HAVE to do) are dealt simply, routinely and without fuss 
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual deadlines are prepared for, communicated with third parties (where necessary), and then met without exception 
  • There is a clear understanding around what the business activities are and/or how the business operates 
  • Our work should result in accurate and timely business results, ensuring that our Client(s) have ‘real time’ access to understand their key numbers and make ‘better decisions’
  • We should be able to identify operational issues or opportunities within the business, as well as potential risks, and highlight these to our Client(s) 
  • We should be able to assist our Client(s) to take steps to improve their cashflow 
  • There is a relationship of trust that allows Client(s) to easily contact us to ask any finance related questions (or any other business questions as necessary), or to resolve issues for them 
  • The quality and efficiency of our work enables us to support them with successfully completing commercial issues and projects they may face along the way
  • Strangely, our value can sometimes only really seen and understood, WHEN THINGS GO WRONG

Team Characteristics

  • We have a strong team culture along with the right mix of skills, experience, technical knowledge and professional qualifications 
  • We have a team who are committed and dedicated to acting at all times in a professional way and in a ‘best practice’ way for all of our clients
  • We have a team who are passionate about each of our Client’s businesses, how they work and how we can help them operate better
  • We have a team where each person has a positive, ‘can do’ attitude and a continuing interest in developing their own skills, experience and knowledge 
  • We operate within a collegiate, friendly and supportive office environment, BUT at the same time with high standards and a focus on quality of work