Zettle: reduce accounting in retail & hospitality!


November 23, 2023


Who Are they? 

Zettle is a ‘Point of Sale’ (POS) and payments software solution provider for small businesses, mainly, but not exclusively, in the retail and hospitality sectors. 

The business is originally from Sweden but operates extensively with small businesses in the UK and across Europe. 

What does Zettle software do? 

The software provides a platform for small businesses to accept payments from their customers in a number of ways… 

● In store, using card readers or cash terminals 

● Online (via a website or online shop)

● By using PayPal 

Once the payments (from whatever source) have been processed by Zettle, payments are made into the merchant’s bank account within a few days – typically 1- 2 days. 

However the Zettle software platform is NOT restricted to only its own merchants, it is flexible enough so that it can be used and/or integrated (or ‘linked’) with…

Other POS software when using the card readers (VEND, Lightspeed etc.), and 

E-commerce or online stores (WooCommerce, BIGCommerce, Shopify) 

How does it help me streamline my bookkeeping? 

Zettle software integrates (or ‘links’) directly with both Xero and Quickbooks accounting software! 

This means that Zettle simplifies much of ‘day to day’ bookkeeping by enabling sales and fee transactions (instore, online and via PayPal), as well as Zettle payment transactions to be automatically imported into the accountancy software on a daily basis (leaving the individual sales transactions in the Zettle reports for future reference)! 

It will also automatically reconcile sales and payment transactions – saving on tricky bookkeeping time! 

What are the Key benefits of using Zettle? 

Save (lots of) time – remove many of the frustrations along with the time involved in ‘reconciling’ and ‘allocating’ sales transactions with fee deductions and bank payments. 

Check sales activity DON’T Input it – Zettle allows sales transactions to be automatically sent to Xero and Quickbooks software, saving ‘hours’ each month by allowing the information to be checked and reviewed – rather than input manually

Accurate data – business information is much more accurate as the information is received directly from the Zettle platform solution! 

What are the costs of the Zettle software? 

There are TWO types of costs for small businesses using the Zettle software platform, and it depends how you are using the software e.g. 

1. The Zettle software solution is FREE 

2. for in store hardware e.g. card readers and terminals cost from £29 to £200 

3. for processing sales transactions (instore, online, PayPal), charges are variable depending on type of transactions BUT average fees are 1.75% 

Will additional ‘scoping’ or setup be required before I can use it with my business? 


In its simplest form, any business owner should be able to set up and use the software successfully with their business! 

Whether you are using…

– Multiple elements of the software solution for your business e.g. card readers in store, online shops or websites etc.

– Have stock, more than one store location, need a detailed split of activity by sales channel and/or store etc. 

You will require an accountant to assist with planning the more complex ‘scope’ of the activity, and to set up and test prior to use with customers. 

Talk to the team at Sakura about how we can simplify your accounting through the use of digital and cloud solutions, assist with setting it up and manage it when operational – whether by using Zettle or other POS solutions! 

Contact us on info@sakurabusiness.co.uk or 0207 952 1230