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System Integration Consultancy Service

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Once your cloud accountancy software has been setup and configured, and is being successfully used in your business, the main opportunity as the business grows and develops is then to integrate (or link) it to other software being used in the business e.g. CRMs, EBay, PAYPal, Stripe, Point of Sale (POS) systems etc.

Examples of these more complex integrations include the following:

  • CRM systems – Autotask (IT software support), LEAP (Legal)
  • POS software systems – EPOSNOw (Hospitality and entertainment)
  • Online Sales platforms – Stripe, Ebay, Shopify etc.
  • Merchant Payment Software – PayPal, Stripe, Sage Pay

Not only can specific data be integrated from other business software into your cloud accountancy software, but there is also the potential to integrate data from your accountancy software back into other business software.

Examples of data that can be integrated includes:

  • Sales transactions being sent or ‘passed’ automatically from your CRM to the accountancy software
  • Customer payments being ‘passed’ into the accountancy software
  • Customer payments input into the accountancy software being ‘passed back’ to the CRM software PayPal, Stripe and Sage Pay transactions being automatically ‘passed’ into the accountancy software