Getting more from… quickbooks – using mileage tracker


1 1, 2021February 1, 2021

As part of an ongoing series of highlighting some really useful (and generally little used by clients) functionality in Quickbooks or Xero, we are starting with a recent development in Quickbooks core subscription product i.e. no additional costs involved – the Mileage tracker !

Quickbooks online accountancy software continues to be developed and improved in response to changing client needs and better managing key accounting needs for small(er) businesses.

This means that there are regular updates and developments to the software along with parts of the software little known (and used) by bookkeepers and business owners.

Although generally less employees are travelling less at the moment, for many small business owners travel for business purposes has not disappeared and there remains the headache of accurately recording such travel for reclaim as a business expense !

Obviously there are other business software and apps that are specifically focused on mileage for small businesses with multiple employees (see our separate blog on Expensify), however our summary of the use of this functionality in Quickbooks is particularly valuable for business owners!

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