Cjrs (‘furlough’)


27 27, 2020November 27, 2020

Although the Government had provided a number of updates in respect of their new replacement for the ‘furlough’ scheme (Job Support Scheme (JSS)) as we headed towards the 31st October 2020, with the advent of the second national ‘lockdown’ across the UK for November/early December 2020, the Chancellor decided at the last minute:

  • to cancel the JSS and
  • instead to re instate the original CJRS (‘furlough’) scheme through to 31st March 2021

With the positive outcome being that most businesses welcomed the change, given that the Government contribution(s) to staff salaries would remain substantial, for accountants, it has meant a rapid change to our updates of the situation to our clients and our plans for managing the payroll work for November 2020 onwards !

Much of the CJRS (‘furlough’) scheme remains as it was until the end of October 2020, however there are a few changes to the original requirements PLUS a few unusual elements in terms of calculations etc.

See our summary of the ‘furlough’ scheme extension below.