Cashflow Management

The cashflow management and forecasts services team is here to help get your business stay on track. Managing your cashflow and forecasts is a key part of running your business. Cashflow management is the tracking the money coming into your business and monitoring it against outgoings such as bills, salaries and costs. Many profitable companies have gone out of business in the past because of poor cash flow management.

Sakura’s cashflow management team are here to help get your business stay on track. We can assist with preparing a cashflow forecast for your business which will help you to effectively plan in advance for times when you might need to arrange finance in the form of loans or overdrafts.

Why should you implement Sakura’s cashflow management and forecast service?

  • Good business practice means the creation of an annual budget for the business is hugely valuable

  • Creation of a ‘month by month’ budget, rather than simple annual budget, supports the inclusion of seasonal variations for the business

  • Provides an opportunity to set out changes to strategy for the next 12 months e.g. price rises, cost review(s), potential investment

  • Enables expected sales activity for the business (within the budget), to be communicated to sales or marketing teams from day one

  • Offers a key element of a monthly or quarterly management accounts review process for the business owner

  • Having a budget in place for the business can be useful when dealing with applications for credit facilities, submitting tenders or considering acquisitions/investments

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